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Corporate Consulting

In 2020, more operating companies began allocating cash to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This is a new dynamic as the regulatory environment has matured to the point that this strategy is becoming approachable and mainstream.

We believe this trend will continue as companies seek asymmetric returns, hedge against fluctuating fiat currencies, embrace modern, open technologies and even complement existing operational strategies.

Our team is here to help forward-thinking entrepreneurs do just that.

Where we come in



We work together to scope the business and consumer benefit and use KPIs to measure success.


Corporate Governance

We support your legal advisors, financial planners, tax team and insurance providers through the compliance process.


Smooth Operation

With our technical partners, we ensure existing business operations are crypto-friendly.


Security Risks & Control

We perform security audits and put OpSec and Multisig strategies in place to protect your assets.

Explore our packages

Immersive sessions

Immersive sessions

Curious about how crypto and blockchain could work for your business? This workshop is for you. An immersive session or sessions focused on educating your team and brainstorming how it could come to life for you.

We cover:

🔮 Use cases specific to your business

🔮 Process metrics to identify improvements

🔮 Corporate governance & security

Crypto for Business

Crypto for Business

For those ready to take the next step, we’re here to help identify your company’s path and develop a road map. Then it’s time to kick things into action.

Some of the areas we can explore together:

🔮 Raise capital (ICO/IDO)

🔮 Redirect sales in crypto

🔮 Convert cashflow to crypto

🔮 Pay salaries in crypto

🔮 Borrow against your assets

🔮 Finance fixed assets

Blockchain for Business

Blockchain for Business

Blockchains are being used to help reinvent how transactions are managed. They can take time and costs out of almost any process, enabling near real-time operations. Our approach is to think big, start small, and scale fast.

We specialize in:

🔮 Recordkeeping using automated, low-cost mechanisms

🔮 Supply chain management, asset tracking, warranties

🔮 Streamlining procure to pay processes

🔮 Smart contracts for IP