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Businesses and households are taking on a more active role in managing their energy use along with investing in small scale generation and storage capability, known as distributed energy resources (DER).


There is a renewable energy race upon us. Individuals and businesses are rushing to connect distributed PV or DER, but a lack of expertise and knowledge in the space can lead to grid stability and network planning issues – We’re here to help.

Where We Come In

Power system analysis and modelling in Siemens PSS/E, Manitoba Hydro's PSCAD & DIgSILENT's PowerFactory

Developing aggregate Load (CMLD), Distributed PV (DPV), Distributed Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) models for network-wide studies

Grid advisory services for network service providers and operators including EMT simulations, power quality, system stability and dynamics.

P10X Advantage

We've built Australia's first aggregate load and DPV models 

The power system is becoming less centralized. Significant quantities of distributed PV are now being installed world-wide. To add to this changing energy mix, end-use loads are increasingly transitioning to power electronic and inverter driven loads. To ensure grid stability and security, new power system models need to be developed to account for this energy mix. That’s where we come in. We’ve built Australia’s first aggregate load and DPV models. Let us help you build or integrate models of your own.